The idea to put a Law School in Shreveport is alive after a Louisiana House Education Committee vote.

State Representative Cedric Glover, or Shreveport, brought forward a resolution today asking the Committee to approve a study on the viability of establishing a law school in Shreveport. The concept would be centered around Southern University, who already has an established campus in Shreveport.

The measure made it through the Committee without opposition.

Glover spoke with KEEL News this morning about the resolution:

The plan involves help from the Caddo Parish Commission, who has already set aside money to help fund the study.

Glover, and Southern University Chancellor John Pierre, are both supporting the law school plan. While discussing the idea this morning, Representative Glover also added that the Shreveport Bar Association is also in support of the plan.

In addition to the Law School resolution, Representative Glover also brought House Bill 470 before the Education Committee this morning. That's the bill that would move LSU-Shreveport from under the LSU system, and into the Louisiana University system. Before the Committee was able to hear or vote on HB 470, Glover voluntarily tabled the measure. LSU has opposed the move for LSUS, and without North Louisiana representation on the Committee, it was unlikely that the bill would survive.

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