The Texas Rangers were in town on Monday (Jan. 13) at Turner Elementary in Shreveport for a Winter Caravan. During a Q&A session, 1130 The Tiger asked first baseman Mitch Moreland about the retirement of Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan and the Alex Rodriguez suspension scandal that has given Major League Baseball some unwanted attention.

Moreland, who was joined by teammate Michael Choice to hand a $10,000 check to Shreveport Parks and Recreation (SPAR), said it's a different feeling now that Nolan Ryan is no longer in the front office.

"He's such a huge presence for us. The organization really turned a corner when he got involved," Moreland said. "We're anxious to see what'll happen, but we've got a great team on the field and looking forward to getting out there this year."

When asked what the Rangers need to do to get into the playoffs next season, Moreland didn't think the team has to do anything different.

"Even though we hadn't made the playoffs or went to the World Series the last two years like we did the two before, we still had good seasons and a lot we had accomplished," Moreland said. "With our group this year, the sky's the limit and we'll turn some heads for sure."

And while most would agree that the A-Rod suspension scandal has given the sport a black eye, Moreland was hesitant to share much.

"It doesn't really involve us a whole lot right now," he said. "We're trying to get ready for the season."

Check out video of the Q&A session with Mitch Moreland below

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