We're calling it SweatFest23 and it's definitely living up to its name!

With what began as 80 mph straight-line winds and an EF1 tornado that ripped through much of the Arklatex last Friday, the heat wave upon us now has not only proved stifling, it's become deadly.

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As much of the area dealt with the many days of having no power, the heat wave that moved into the area began to claim lives.  We first learned of the death of a 35 year-old utility worker who had come here from West Virginia to help restore power to the area and then it took the life of a 62 year-old Shreveport woman.


As much of Texas and parts of Louisiana are setting all-time record high temperatures, and even here in the immediate area we will soon see temps into the triple digits, there are those who's very livelihood depends on them being outside in this suffocating heat.

Without hesitation, I tip my hat to these men and women who brave the elements to provide goods and services to the rest of us!

With that in mind, join me in showing your gratitude to The Ten Louisiana Workers Sweating The Most Right Now.

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