You might not know about a group called Cupcakes and Conversations. It's a mentoring group for teenage girls. Dozens of young women in our community have been involved in the program. But a weekend virtual meeting to celebrate a one year anniversary was hacked by predators and police are now investigating.

3 men hacked into the Zoom meeting over the weekend and took control for 9 minutes. The 3 men showed pornographic images to the girls and used racial slurs on the chat board.

The organizers posted this message to the group:

Good Evening Everyone! Our sincerest apologies for today! We are currently planning to reschedule. We will not allow someones hatred to destroy or stop what is designed to uplift our girls. We will have a counseling session to start our seminar to help soothe any girls that may have been affected by the events of today. Again, we apologize and thank you all for your continued support.
-Melanie  LeDay Albarado and Ashley Kennedy Robinson

Robinson also posted this message:

Never in a million years did I think something so positive could turn so negative. It is very disheartening. There some very cruel people in this world. However today God has given us a new level of strength and courage and a more powerful message. Melanie LeDay Albarado and I can’t change what happened yesterday but we are moving forward bigger and better. What the devil meant for bad, God meant for good and He will definitely get the glory! Continue to pray for us and all of the beautiful girls.

Bossier City Police are investigating the case and will attempt to locate the 3 suspects.


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