Red River United Teacher's Union President Jackie Lansdale talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about Saturday's Bossier Parish election, a vote that resulted in a 74% to 26% defeat of the proposition that would have funded raises for parish teachers.

Lansdale tells KEEL listeners that she is beyond disappointment when it comes to her feelings about the vote. She explains that votes said, "We want to support teachers, but not like this." Then she adds that "teachers are waiting to see what it is that you (the voters) are willing to do."

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"The school board had two separate propositions on the May 4 ballot: 22.94 mills for salaries and 3.22 for technology upgrades. The measure in support of teachers would have generated about $26 million annually and allowed the board to give teachers an additional $7,200 annually and support staff, $3,000.'

"That would have equated to an approximate 24 percent property tax hike depending on the location in Bossier Parish, according to Tax Assessor Bobby Edmiston.'[

The sticker shock would have grown for businesses. One with commercial real estate valued at $500,000 would have seen almost $2,000 more in taxes."

In responding to the results, Lansdale says, "Teachers are highly motivated by this. We're not going to go too far in the next few days, but there does have to be some level of action."

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