Everybody's heard the line at least million times. What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

Well, for Peninsula Pacific, owners of Bossier City's defunct Diamond Jack's Casino, insanity may be their better option as the gaming company has been ordered by the state to reopen the abandoned property or lose their license, valued by some to be in the hundreds of millions.

The directive from Louisiana's Gaming Control Board was pretty cut and dried: Reopen your deserted Bossier City facility within 60 days or give back your gaming license for resale. In fact, the Board, in a resolution, put it this way:

“In the event of the negative vote of the majority of the voters in St. Tammany on the question(s) of whether to allow riverboat gaming in St. Tammany Parish and the relocation of Louisiana Riverboat Gaming Partnership’s birth site - then the birth site for Louisiana Riverboat Gaming Partnership shall be and remain on the Red River in downtown Bossier City, Louisiana, and Louisiana Riverboat Gaming Partnership shall commence gaming operations on the vessel Mary Margaret at the Bossier Parish berth site within 60 days of the November 13, 2021, local option election.”


After shutting down Diamond Jack's in May of 2020, voters in two Louisiana parishes have rejected attempts by Peninsula Pacific (operating in the state as Louisiana Riverboat Gaming Partnership) to move to their area, the most recent being St. Tammany in early December. And now that gaming company is faced with a lone remaining option. Refurbish and reopen.

And Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Johns backed up the resolution, telling KEEL, "We can not let the license stay dormant. It's been dormant for over a year now."

But he also gave them a bit of wiggle room, adding, "I anticipate they will reopen Diamond Jacks. The board may give them a little more time than the 60 days to get back up and going."

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So, what is Peninsula Pacific's (Louisiana Riverboat Gaming Partnership) next move? The questions are many. Will they pony up millions to refurbish and reopen the empty casino? And what about just-as-debilitated hotel? And employees? What currently employed casino worker would even think about a move to Diamond Jack's 2.0? And why would Peninsula Pacific, having failed once to compete successfully in our shrinking gaming market, give it another shot?

Lot's of questions for sure. And now, here's yours Three choices, actually. But, in the end, comes down to this: Do you think Diamond Jack's will really ever reopen?

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