What if you had a shot to win a million dollars? And what if - compared to the lottery's astronomical odds - your chances were pretty good. Yep, sounds like a pretty great idea, so we'll explain.

One of the top news stories in Shreveport in 2020 was the water billing lawsuit settlement that calls for the city to return almost $6 million in over-charges to approximately 66,000 Department of Water and Sewerage customers.

A bit of quick math tells us that each of those plaintiffs in the class action suit will receive about $90 each, which is, when it comes to getting an unexpected check in the mail, a great big "meh." But what if, instead of everybody getting $90, the city took the $6 million and decided to have the contest-of-all-contests?

Here's the plan: Let's take the $6 million and have a drawing. Put all 66,00 thousand names in a great big bowl, then draw six names. The first ten names drawn each receive $500,000! Then, the final name drawn gets a cool - okay, smokin' hot - one million dollars!

Think of the marketing ideas! Think of the promotion! Think of the excitement as the day of event drew closer and closer! We're a city starving for attention and this, without a doubt, would get our city national, and probably worldwide, exposure! And what company searching for a new home wouldn't be interested in a city that came up with such an innovative idea, out-of-the-box idea?

So...what do you think? Give us your opinion. Take the poll. Yes, or no? Is a Shreveport, Louisiana $6 million giveaway an idea whose time has come?

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