The target was high, but the Northwest Louisiana affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure says Friday In Pink was a success.

"Last year, we only raised $13,000. We almost doubled it, close to double it, might double it," Executive Director Lindsay Dean told KEEL News.

"The reality of it is that it seemed like there were hundreds of people that came, did what they had to do, and then left," explained Dean. "It might not ever have looked visually like you've got a thousand people there, but over the course of twelve hours I think we've got a great turnout."

They have not officially hit their fundraising goal yet, but Dean expects they will reach it.

"The goal was $25,000. We closed out at about $23,000, not including all the income form the participating stores," Dean detailed. "We have to get all of our money from our pink margaritas and our car wash. I'm pretty confident we'll surpass our goal one we get our income."

After the 12-hour event, there was a glow party after at Phoenix Underground, where the door proceeds benefited the cancer research foundation.

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