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As pet owners, there's really not a lot that would stop us from going the extra mile for out pets. From their own personalized, super fluffy beds to their habitats that are bigger than our first apartment, we can't help but go all in. Some of us even leave the TV or music on for them when we go to work.

Actually, that may be most of us.

A recent survey from Spotify has found that 71 percent of humans have played music for their pets, whether they're home with them or not. In fact, 80 percent believe their pet actually likes music. Now, I'm not an expert on animals' brains, but I don't know if my dog has a preference when it comes to music being on or off and I certainly don't think he cares what kind of music it is.

But that kind of thinking sucks all the fun out, right?

The survey also found that 57 percent of pet owners have danced with their animal friends, while 69 percent sing to them. I am definitely a part of those percentages. My dog's name finds it way into just about every song on the planet when I sing it.

Since these numbers are all in the majority, Spotify came up with something fun. You can find a playlist for your pup on their platform. You will select the kind of pet you have, their personality traits, and their name. Then Spotify will curate a playlist for them.

Now, if you had to choose just one song that you think best describes your pet, what would it be? Tell us below.

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