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Vinyl is making a HUGE comeback. In fact, vinyl records are set to outsell compact discs for the first time since the 80s! Now, if you want to start a vinyl collection or just get the most out of your record collection, you don't have to spend a fortune. Don't get me wrong, MacIntosh is probably THE system to have...but I don't know anyone with 17 grand to throw at a stereo.

But don't worry, you can build your own high quality system for a few hundred bucks! Not only will it sound great, but it'll look good too. So, as a musicophile and someone with multiple sounds systems in my home, here's some suggestions on what you should buy to build your own hi-fi system. And of course, you can mix and match used stuff you have laying around your home or you find at the local thrift store or yard sale.


Edifier Bookshelf Speakers

These bad boys are affordable (less than $100), high quality and will fill any room you need with high quality sound. Amazon also offers refurbished Edifier speakers, so you can save even more money.



Yamaha Stereo Receiver

You're not going to find a better receiver for a better price. This thing is simple, beautiful, has bluetooth capabilities and is SUPER simple to operate.



Orbit Turntable

This is the most expensive item on this list...but it is totally worth it. The Orbit turntable has all the parts and features that make up a thousand dollar turntable for a fraction of the price. Plus, because it has a built in pre-amp so: A) You won't need to buy anything else to get it to work right. B) You don't need a stereo receiver to make it functional.