The Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday, February 13. We don’t know yet which teams will meet head-to-head in the big game, but we do know lots of folks are planning Super Bowl parties.

If you want to be a big hit at the party this year, think about bringing food that is a favorite in Louisiana.

Most Super Bowl parties will have wings, pizza, chips and dips. But if you want to turn things up a notch, do it Louisiana Big.

We won’t have the Saints or the Cowboys in the big game, but we will still be watching the big game this year.

Drinks Your Should Have at the Super Bowl Party

The first thing you must have at the party is beer. You should pack several ice chests with cold beer which is a must for any Super Bowl party. You might also stock up on some sodas, iced tea and bottled water.

Here’s wear cranking it up a notch comes in. The food has to be next level. Your party will be a huge hit if you serve a spread of some of the best food Louisiana has to offer.

Top 10 Louisiana Foods For Super Bowl Sunday

These Louisiana foods will help turn up your Super Bowl party.

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