Summer weather brings the outdoors and grilling.  But what are some tips to make this summer an enjoyable one outside?

"Look for lighter meals because it is already hot out," Chef Elizabeth Dickson at Bossier Parish Community College told KEEL News.  "Think more about the fruits and the vegetables."

A lot of her suggestions include not just fruits and vegetables, but also seafood.  What would she make?

"I would probably do a mahi mahi with lemongrass butter with cilantro rice and some grilled asparagus."

Dickson tells inexperienced or new cooks to not be afraid to try new things, but always make sure you taste what you cook before you serve it.

She also warned everyone to always observe food safety by cooking meat to the appropriate temperature and use separate plates and utensils for unprepared and prepared meats.

For cold foods consumers want to save for later, "they can fill the bottom of the plate with ice and they can keep anything they want iced down and when they want, it can come inside."

Be aware of increased food prices from last year's drought.  She said she saw watermelons being sold at the Shreveport Farmers' Market for $10 a pop.  They are normally two or three dollars each.