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This is the one exhibit that my southern sisters, especially my fellow Louisiana ladies, need to put on their bucket lists to visit!

If there's one thing that southern women can agree on is that no kitchen is complete without a well-seasoned cast iron skillet. It's even better if it's been passed down to you by your momma or your momma's momma. And God forbid the person that puts your cast iron skillet in the dishwasher! You use your trusty cast iron skillet for everything; cornbread, eggs, bacon, pancakes, sammies, steaks, cobblers, you name it! A woman's cast iron skillet is so precious that I've even seen people fight over them in a divorce.

Beef Fajitas with colorful bell peppers in cast iron pan

So you're probably wondering why I've been waxing ecstatic about this southern staple. It's because you can now visit the world's largest cast iron skillet at a new exhibit in Tennessee! This bad boy is so big, it weighs 14,360 pounds and is 18 feet wide. I dare say they don't have to worry about anyone trying to fit it into a dishwasher!

Lodge Cast IronLodge Museum of Cast Iron
FYI, the folks at Lodge Cast Iron are pretty funny on Twitter. They've even got a

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