Monday night into Tuesday's overnight hours could bring some severe weather to the Shreveport and Bossier City area. The National Weather Service as started to issue advisories for the overnight hours.

Their Severe Weather Outlook gives Shreveport and Bossier City a "Marginal" risk for severe weather. That includes the chance for isolated severe thunderstorms. Texarkana, Tyler, and Longview are all under the "Slight" risk according to the National Weather Service. The "Slight" category calls for a chance for scattered severe thunderstorms.

Areas to the northwest of Texarkana can expect the "Enhanced" severe weather risks, with "numerous severe storms".

Areas to the east of Shreveport, like Ruston and Monroe, are not expected to see any severe weather as a part of this weather system. But areas further outside of the Ark-La-Tex can expect increased chances of severe weather. Areas in north Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri are even drawing the attention of live streaming storm chasers.

Some of these weather chasers have been talking about multiple rounds of severe weather with this system. Many have been talking about the chances for large and damaging hail. With some concerned about these storms producing tornados. These chasers are focusing on states like Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois.

Its unlikely that the Shreveport and Bossier City areas will face similar weather to what the storm chasers are watching in states north of Louisiana, but that doesn't mean the area won't see severe weather. Just more likely for Shreveport and Bossier to see strong winds, heavy lightning, and hail.

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