Lots of folks will be out on our area waterways this Memorial Day weekend, and Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries agents urge you to be safe if you'll be among them.

 Sgt. Patrick Staggs tells KEEL News that one thing to remember is that anyone under age 17 must wear a personal flotation device that's fitted specifically for them.

What about alcohol and boating? Sgt. Staggs says the rules for the water are basically the same as ones for the road, with one exception. "There is no open container law on a vessel," Sgt. Staggs says. "But you must keep a sober driver."

Sgt. Staggs reminds you to be aware of your surroundings -- look for submerged objects and floating debris, especially following the recent storms. And be on the lookout for rock jetties and trees, too.

Wildlife and Fisheries does hold boating safety courses. Find out more about that in our complete interview with Sgt. Staggs:

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