State Superintendent of Education Dr. Cade Brumley talks about the upcoming school year and the unprecedented challenges facing educators in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic.

"As of Friday we got about forty of our systems up and going," Brumley says, "We're supposed to have about fifteen more this week, but, of course, the storms are going to prevent a number of those from opening on time. Up in your part of the world, DeSoto is up, Claiborne, Bossier, Caddo got started today and Webster's coming online in a few days."

Then the Superintendent talks about each districts plan addressing COVID prevention. "I think all of their approaches are right. The are measured, they're safe, they're cautious and I think that they're introducing students back to the learning environment."

Brumley then talks about the improvements that have been made in the distance learning process, including changes that have been made since last spring. "The spring, in terms of distance learning, was not that great. We weren't prepared from an infrastructure standpoint...but I think this fall is going to be much better. We've taught face-to-face for a couple thousand years, and to turn the switch over the course of a few months is difficult."

He also says discussions are ongoing with the LHSAA about high school sports this fall. "If we can start to beat this virus back and I think we are...then I think we'll be able to transition to sports."


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