Dr. Cade Brumley takes over as Superintendent of Education for the State of Louisiana on Monday and he's ready to get to work.

His number one goal? "We need to get our students back to school. That's the ultimate goal. For our economy to get back rolling, we need kids in school."

Brumley was confirmed by the State Senate just before the end of the regular session.

Dr. Brumley has most recently been Superintendent in Jefferson Parish, but prior to that he was Superintendent in DeSoto Parish. Other than Ollie Tyler's short stint as interim Superintendent, Dr. Brumley says he does not recall our state having someone from North Louisiana in this role.

KEEL News also talked to Dr. Brumley about the concerns about COVID-19 and the CDC recommendations about returning to school.

He says these guidelines "essentially takes a 60 passenger bus and turn it into a 15 or 20 passenger bus. We are going to have to weigh those guidelines as we make decisions."

Dr. Brumley adds "we are certainly going to have to look at that guidance and take it into consideration and always put the safety of our students and staff as number 1."

We asked him what is the biggest non-COVID priority for him. He says "Early childhood education is the most important educational challenge we will face as a generation. I think making sure students can read by the end of 3rd grade is also a high priority. We also must invest in our teachers." Those are just some of the many issues he will tackle as he takes the reigns as State Superintendent.

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