State Fire Marshall Butch Browning talks about the move to Phase III COVID 19 regulations and how Louisiana businesses will respond to the changes.

Browning responds to the announcement that the cornerstone of the "easing" of the Phase II restrictions is new rules regarding the sale of alcohol across the state.

"As far as the bars...the fear from the White House Guidance was in bars people congregate. The fear for some of our restaurants is that if they stay open (later), they may turn into what could be a bar-like situation where people are congregating. So, the 10 o'clock last-call in a restaurant is, in part, for that."

Browning then reminds Louisianans that these new limitations may be short lived. "Keep in mind that these rules are in place for a 28 day period and hopefully the numbers will get better. Parishes that have a five percent or less positivity per thousand capita in a two week period, if they reach that benchmark, then their bars can open."

"The biggest piece to it was," the Marshall continues, "A lot of businesses that were at 50% capacity now go to 75% capacity - which includes restaurants. The other involves event centers that had been scaled back to fifty people   now can go back to 250 per their capacity rating.

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