Louisiana State Fire Marshall Butch browning talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about first responders from the state already on hand in Florida, ready to assist as that area prepares for Hurricane Dorian.

Browning, who as Fire Marshall is in charge of coordinating Louisiana's assistance efforts, tells KEEL listeners that the search and rescue team already in Jacksonville was put together in 2009. "Some of the lessons we learned from Hurricane Katrina could be cross-trained to first responders in other states," Browning says, "One of the benefits of doing that is that we've been recognized by other states as the ones to turn to for assistance and training."

Browning also explains that Louisiana's first responders are currently headquartered in Jacksonville so that they can easily move to areas where they're services are most needed, not only in Florida, but also north to Georgia and the Carolinas.

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