Our state is known for an abundance of award winning musicians and some of the most interesting and delicious food across the globe. Officials with state government aren't looking to curtail either of those interests, they are just hoping to make one of them a little healthier.

Louisiana's Well Ahead Program is a program designed with the goal of offering healthier choices for restaurant patrons across our state. The concept of the program is really quite simple. It asks dining establishments to provide healthy food alternatives for their patrons.

We encourage up to three healthy menu options, and we make recommendations for calorie, fat grams and sodium content.

Well-Ahead Louisiana director Melissa Martin made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network.Establishments who meet the benchmarks will become a designated Well-Ahead Well Spot. Martin went on to say that healthier choices for children are a top priority of the program.

Such as simple changes like making water or low fat milk the default option instead of soda, or grilled meat option instead of only fried meats available.

Restauranteurs who are interested in becoming a part of the program or at least reviewing the options can visit the Well Ahead program website and see the criteria for earning the Well Spot distinction.

We just want to challenge our restaurant owners to make our food that we all love taste just as great, but save us out on some of those calories.

The program isn't just limited to commercial dining establishments. Meal providers in hospitals, schools, universities, and child care facilities can also earn a Well Spot distinction by providing the approved choices for their patrons as well.



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