There is nothing like an ice cold soda pop on a hot summer afternoon to quench the thirst. In Louisiana we love our soft drinks. In fact we have some of the finest locally produced soft drinks in the entire nation.

A new report published by 24/7 Wall Street shows that Louisiana is second in the nation when it comes to soda consumption. The only state that drinks more pop than we do is Mississippi.

You think these facts might have something to do with our state's obesity rate?

For Louisiana, we are ranked 47th in obesity, 50th in overall health, and just our obesity rate, 34% of adults are obese.

That's what Department of Health and Hospitals Dietitian Rebecca Guidroz told the Louisiana Radio Network. She suggested that the obesity rate is likely linked to all that sugar consumption.

According to the 24/7 Wall Street report 46% of Louisiana citizens have a soft drink daily. The overwhelming choice of soft drink is Coke. 40% of our citizens enjoy at least one Coke everyday.

Another characteristic of the soda drinker is the link to lower incomes. Guidroz suggested in her comments that because soda are inexpensive and are readily available at fast food restaurants. It makes it easy and convenient to get a soft drink.


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