Wallet Hub has just released it's annual list of America's Fattest Cities, and Louisiana landed 2 spots in the top 10!  In fact, the South has risen to the top of this list - almost all of the 20 top spots were claimed by southern cities.  It probably has to do with how terrible the food outside of the South is.

Baton Rouge came in at number 9 on the list, but Shreveport almost took the title!  Coming in at number 2, the Ratchet City is second only to Little Rock, Arkansas.  Our fair Twin Cities also tied for second place when it comes to the percentage of adults with high cholesterol.  FYI San Francisco currently holds the title of US city with the lowest percentage of obese citizens.

Check out the rest of the findings (and, basically which cities have the worst tasting food) by clicking on the full report, including charts and graphs, here.

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