Christian Kane, Jim Wilson, Hugo Perez and Faith Conroy all stopped in to visit with Robert & Erin this morning. They're touring the country to promote their new horse racing film "50 to 1," which hits theaters Friday, April 4.

Wilson told us he'd been looking for 20 years for a great racehorse story.

"I'm an equine lover, I ride horses, I have my own stable, I race horses around the world, and I'd read a lot of screenplays over the years," he said. "But this is one that, all of a sudden, visually I was sitting down having a beer at home and watching the [Kentucky] Derby and I'd seen a move and...I know athletes. And this horse is an athlete and put on a race that I'd never seen in my life."

Actor Christian Kane explained how he got involved with the film.

"Ironically, Jim had seen exactly 50 people before me, so I was 50 to 1," he laughed. "But I read [the script] and I said, 'I tell you what, man, I haven't seen something like this in a long time. This is Rocky.'"

Kane also noted that this is a movie you can take your kids to see -- something Shreveport-Bossier families will be glad to hear.

"I've seen 'em coming out [of screenings] just elated," he said. "This is a family movie. You can take the whole family to see this movie, and that's what we don't get these days. The kids love the horse, and the grown-ups love the story, and especially the race at the end."

Hugo Perez also joined us in the studio and explained that his character, a horse groomer named Miguel, is connected to Mine That Bird, the horse that the odds were stacked against at the 2009 Kentucky Derby. Skeet Ulrich and Todd Lowe also star.