SHREVEPORT, LA - The spray park in downtown Shreveport has been closed for several years, but the jets could soon be turned back on. The city is working to get the fountains repaired and back open to the public this year. But there has been a bit of a delay.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

What Is the Holdup in Fixing the Spray Park in Downtown Shreveport?

The contractor that bid to do the job could not get the proper paperwork filed to get bonded. They are in the process of trying to get that handled so the work can begin. But this will delay the start of the repairs just a bit. But we have learned this project will have to solicit new bids.

How Long Is the Delay?

It will take 30 days to bid, then about 30 days to get bond paperwork complete. The repair work could start as early as May and the contract calls for 120 days for completion.

This popular attraction in downtown drew lots of visitors to Riverview Park and it will be great to have it back up and spraying.

Spray Park

KEEL News asked SPAR Director Shelly Ragle:

What's the projected budget for making the repairs?

She says it will cost about $900,000. She says:

The scope of this project is to supply and the installation of fountain mechanical and electrical equipment as necessary to bring the two interactive water features that were originally constructed in 2003 at the Riverview Park back to working condition, including all LED ring light fixtures in the fountains switch valve back operational.

New Technology for the Park

Many would ask why we would spend nearly a million dollars on this project if it could be damaged again by flooding. But Ragle says there is new technology that will make sure future flooding along the Red River will not render this spray area inoperable again. The electrical control panels will be above ground in a place that does not flood. Previously they were underground.

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Ragle is also excited about the new technology that will also be able to coordinate the spray park lights with the lights on the Texas Street Bridge.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

What's the timeline for making the repairs?

City leaders say the contract calls for 120 days, so when this bonding problem is settled, we could see the work start this spring. Ragle is still hopeful we will have the spray park turned back on this summer.

The spray park has been closed for more than 8 years as a result of repeated flooding that damaged the underground control systems. Ragle is optimistic these repairs will be able to withstand future flooding.

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