Things are not looking good for sports gambling in Louisiana. The measure is likely dead for this session or possibly on life support.

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Attempts to push the bill through on the House side fell short. Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Jones tells KEEL News "it would take an incredible resurrection at this point to bring any life back into this bill. But the future is perrilous at this point."

Jones also says his staff has been working to duplicate what Mississippi has and that is what was drafted. As far as revenues, Jones says it's tough to estimate how much money this would bring to the state, but he says it could be as much as 150 million.

Louisiana Casino Association Executive Director Wade Duty says future attempts at legalization cannot get weighed down by the same burdensome restrictions that were placed on this bill in committee.

Duty says if the clock runs out on legalization this year, it could be another two years before another attempt can be made. Duty says in the meantime the casino industry in Louisiana will continue to lose customers to other states.


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