Lawmakers in one Senate Committee have ok'd a sports betting proposal on a 3-1 vote. The only "no' vote came from Senator Karen Carter Peterson of New Orleans who recently revealed she's battling a gambling addiction.

Drew Hallowell, Jason Merritt, Andy Lyons / Getty Images
Drew Hallowell, Jason Merritt, Andy Lyons / Getty Images

This is only the first step, though. The measure still needs the ok in both chambers. If it's approved, voters in each parish would have to decide if they want sports betting.

If lawmakers pass the measure, it would allow gambling on professional and collegiate sports at the four race tracks in Louisiana and at the 15 riverboat casinos and Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans.

You would not be allowed to bet on high school, video game or electronic sporting events.

Financial experts say sports betting could bring in $40 million to $60 million a year for the state. But you might want to take note Mississippi has sports betting and that state is only bringing in half of what was originally projected.

The Governor and several lawmakers want to dedicate sports betting money to early childhood education programs.

The issue of mobile sports betting raised red flags for Peterson, who repeatedly alluded to her own struggles with gambling during the hearing. She said she worried about college kids who would be able to bet from their couches, without even having to go to a casino.

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