It's been a rough week for Planet Aqua and the Shreveport Aquarium. Reports have surfaced about liens being placed against the group for unpaid fees to sub contractors and the group getting the boot from Sci-Port.

However, a spokesman for Planet Aqua says the latter just isn't true. Jake Wood from Planet Aqua reached out to KEEL to dispute reports that they are no longer managing the Sci-Port Discovery Center downtown.

Wood tells KEEL that the original agreement between Sci-Port and Planet Aqua is still in place and has not been terminated.

The Shreveport Times published an article claiming that Planet Aqua was no longer apart of the project. In the article, the Times quoted Richard Lamb, the Chairman of Sci-Port's Board of Directors, as saying : "Both parties have agreed that it makes the most sense for Planet Aqua Group to focus its efforts on enhancing the Aquarium while the Sci-Port board pursues a number of these new ideas."

Wood tells KEEL that the quote is accurate but was taken out of context. He says that there was never any mention of terminating the agreement. Wood says that any changes to the agreement will be communicated publicly by both parties.

Sci-Port is scheduled to re-open after significant renovations at the end of the month.

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