Two companies are suing the Shreveport Aquarium claiming they have yet to be paid for their work on the project. According to the Shreveport Times, the suits were filed in early October.

Weiland-Davco and Rimmer Electric have both filed separate lawsuits against Planet Aqua Group. Rimmer also named Weiland-Davco in their suit, claiming the general contractor failed or refused to enforce its contract with Planet Aqua.

Weiland-Davco is suing for $259,691 plus other unspecified damages for failure to pay and breach of contract. Rimmer is suing for $59,000 thousand dollars from Weiland-Davco and the Aquarium for $43,756. Rimmer says they've been paid for some of their work, but not all of it.

The suit was filed roughly a year after ten companies, including Weiland-Davco and Rimmer, placed liens against the aquarium for unpaid construction work. At that time, the Aquarium allegedly had more than $357,000 in upaid bills.

Planet Aqua Group opened the Shreveport Aquarium in November of 2017.

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