A strange illness has been making the rounds in Louisiana colleges. Namely LSU.

tudents throughout the LSU campus have been coming down with the strange cold-like illness over the past few weeks. The symptoms include coughing, congestion, and other cold/flu like ailments. The strange part is, officials at the Student Health Center at LSU are not sure of the illness or it's cause.

The cold/flu like sickness has been called "Frat Flu" by those on campus, and it's spread has been heavily documented on social media.

According to Student Health Center Executive Director Julie Hupperich, many students experiencing the symptoms have tested negative for COVID-19, mono and the flu. The university has not reported a confirmed case of the flu this semester.

According to The Daily Reveille, Hupperich believes the illness going around is most likely an unnamed virus working its way through the student body.

“Some students have claimed that it’s coming from the residence halls, we’ve heard others say it’s Greek organizations—honestly I think it’s just something we’re seeing in general among the student body,” Hupperich said.

Most student who have caught "Frat Flu" seem to suffer sinus-infection symptoms, and loss of their voice. And most seem to be holding off going to the doctor until their condition worsens. Many students facing mid-terms, are toughing through the illness and going about their day, in fear of falling behind.

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