2021 continues to be a monster year for our man Willie Jones.

I've written about Willie countless times and each time it's because he's doing something incredibly awesome. If you're not lucky enough to know Willie Jones personally, let me tell you, this guy deserves all of his success and then some. No one works as hard as Willie, and 2021 has been the year where his hard work has truly paid off.

Earlier this year, he released a patriotic anthem of sorts, titled "American Dream", which was met with critical acclaim. Shortly after, Willie released his debut album, "Right Now". Shortly after that, Willie performed for the first time at the historic Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

The very day after that historic performance for Willie, he performed live on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Willie Jones has certainly made his hometown of Shreveport proud in 2021, but my man has been grinding away for years and I'm so happy to see him finally get his due.

The year has another important milestone in store for Willie Jones. This weekend, Willie Jones will head to Kansas to perform the National Anthem for the NASCAR Cup Series Race on Sunday, May 2nd.

Kansas Speedway will be celebrating their 20th anniversary this weekend, and you can catch the race and Willie's performance at 2:00 PM on FS1.



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