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Another Shreveport restaurant is shutting down. This time, one of the few highly rated eateries in the Downtown area.

Parish Taceaux announced on social media that their final day will be March 19th, 2022.

According to their statement, there's no singular reason for the closure. Here's what they said:

"There's no particular reason why Parish is closing other than the fact that we've been operating under a "month to month" agreement for some times now; and it's in the best interest of SRAC (Shreveport Regional Arts Council), Art Space, and the downtown community to bring in the best long-term partner for this space. While we've loved the journey, we simply cannot make a long-term commitment."

Their statement also encourages the community to continue to support local restaurants, specifically naming Herby K's, Fertitas, and Missing Link. They also mention Nobel Savage by name, which closed late last year. There are been some rumors that Nobel Savage has been about to reopen, but as of now, it remains closed.

Parish Taceaux added in their release that they will still be hosting their annual St. Patrick's Day Downtown Pub Crawl, which will be on March 12th.

The comments on the social media post help illustrate why Parish Taceaux has been a fan favorite. The popularity of the Downtown eatery was not just a great spot, with delicious food, incredible drink ideas, and a fun was one of the only options that checks these boxes in Downtown Shreveport. Something that was mentioned in those comments multiple times.

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