There is absolutely no denying Shreveport's music history. We are the home of some of the most influential artists of all time including Lead Belly and James Burton. We are the home of the Louisiana Hayride and the influence of that can be felt worldwide. But, we are way more than just years gone by.

Even today, local Shreveport folks are turning the musical world upside down. Look no further then the Seratones. If you don't know AJ Haynes and company, you should. Beyond them just being a great band, they are quite literally taking the world by storm. If you Google the band, you see articles praising them from the likes of Rolling Stone and Paste and all these major, international music entities. They are one of the hottest bands on the planet at the moment.

It's quite amazing. But, if you really dig into their music, they are getting all this international recognition by using the "Shreveport Sound". They're this weird mix of funk, rockabilly, soul and blues...all the things that put Shreveport on the map back in the day.

Shreveport is a weird, unique place the produces weird, unique people. Kenny Wayne is a weird dude. James Burton is an alien. Kix Brooks has an odd flare. All these people have brace the oddity that is Shreveport and it reflects in the way they've lived their lives and the music they produce.

Nobody would have worn flamed cowboy shirts in the 90s if it wasn't for Kix. The Telecaster wouldn't be as popular or have such a unique sound without James Burton. Rock and Roll wouldn't be what it is without Lead Belly. All these cultural phenomenons can be traced back to Shreveport. And those influence are still making waves all over the world today and probably will forever more.

And it makes my heart swell with pride every time I hear the Seratones or see them getting some national love. Because they are keeping our traditions alive for the next crop of Shreveport guys and gals that decide to start a band in their garage and set out to change the world.

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