Shreveport's sprawling dog park opened Friday afternoon to a large crowd of pups and people.

Tiger was 2nd or 3rd through the gate to run and explore this massive park. He had the time of his life. The park has hills and dip and plenty of green space for the dogs to run. It also has a magnificent pond that has a fountain in the middle. Several dogs were enjoying a dip in the water on the first day of business.

A lab pup named Bourban thought water looked too good to be true and took a running jump from the high bank. It was hysterical.

Tiger ran and ran until his tongue was dragging the ground. He was the only Boston Terrier I spotted in the park on day one. He had quite a ball socializing with other K-9's. I do think he was the first pup to poop in the new park since 10 seconds into the gate he decided to do his business. But there are supplies to clean up after your pet.

I've been to dog parks across the south from Memphis to Jackson and Little Rock. I've also been to many of the parks in Louisiana including Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lafayette. This is indisputably the finest dog park I've ever been to. It is massive. The dogs have plenty of room to run and roll in the grass. The ditch running through park of the park even has a little mud for those dogs that like to get dirty. Mine was one of those who rolled around in the mud.

But there is a cleaning station near the gate. So you can clean off your dog before you leave the park.

A couple of things to note about the park. Bring a towel with you to cover your seats and dry your dog. The pup will get wet and maybe muddy. Also, I noticed some dogs getting stickers in their paws. The stickers are in the grass on the north end of the park near the fencing. And around the water you must remember this is the Red River, so the dirt is red clay and you will get the mud on you if a pooch jumps up on you. So don't wear white and it's probably not a good idea to wear white sneakers.

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