A Shreveport woman makes it to the round of 13 on NBC's "The Voice". Jershika Maple performs The Four Seasons' "Beggin'" during the Top 20 Live Playoffs on the show.

Check Out Jershika Maple's Performance:

Who Is Jerskika Maple?

Her hometown is Shreveport. She currently lives in Killeen, Texas. NBC's The Voice says She grew up singing in church, but her dad was in the military so her family was constantly on the move. As she hit the teenage years, her family settled down and she was able to concentrate on her music. She joined choirs all around the region and developed lots of friends in music.

Jershika Maple Sings 'Inseparable' on 'The Voice'

But during her senior year of high school, her family moved again. Jershika remained focused on graduating and went on to pursue her dream of music. While pursuing her dreams on a part-time basis, she works as a security guard to put food on the table.

She has landed on John Legend's team and he is thrilled to work with her to help her reach her dreams.

Watch Jershika Maple Sing 'Can You Stand the Rain'

She does singing gigs at night and on the weekends. She is popular in the local gospel community, but she would love to pursue music as her full time passion.

If you want to keep Jershika on the path to reaching her dream, you can vote beginning Monday. Click here to keep Jershika on the show. But remember voting does not start until Monday, November 15.

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