SHREVEPORT, LA - Water and sewer bills are going up in Shreveport. The city has been struggling to have enough money to make the necessary bond payments.

Mayor Tom Arceneaux wants to make it clear the city has not missed one payment and has not been in danger of defaulting. But he does say we need more revenue now to keep up with the payments.

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How Much Are the Rates Going Up?

The Shreveport City Council voted 7-0 to increase rates by 10%. This increase goes into effect on your April bill. Mayor Arceneaux says this money will be used to address the rising costs associated with maintaining and supporting the city's essential water and sewer system. These adjustments are critical for ensuring the sustainability and efficiency of the city's infrastructure, as well as facilitating future improvements.

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Shreveport residents can get help paying for this increase if you meet certain criteria. You can click here to find out how to apply or attend a community meeting about SWAP (Shreveport Water Assistance Program).

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The Shreveport Council did urge the Mayor and CAO Tom Dark to continue working with 2 social service agencies Socialization Services and the Caddo Community Action Agency to administer the program. But the city is also adding the United Way as a facilitator for the program. Each of those agencies will get a 15% fee of the portion of the water bill that is waiver.

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