Louisiana is moving forward with plans to move the state office to downtown Shreveport. The current facility at Jordan and Fairfield is in deplorable condition and the state has been spending millions to keep it operating.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

But now it looks like a deal is done to move those state workers to a new complex in the center of our community. The plan is to completely renovate the old Joe D. Waggoner Federal Building on Fannin Street for use as the home of state government in Shreveport.

That building was purchased in 2011 by Louisiana Christian College for $400,000 to be used as a possible home for a law school in Shreveport. But the cost of renovating the building proved too much and the College abandoned that plan.

Louisiana leaders have stepped in to make an offer on the property and it looks like they have a deal. It's not quite final, but the state will be paying $1.75 million for the building.

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All of the parties involved say there is no plan to tear down the current state building. It is historic and members of the Northwest Louisiana delegation are hopeful they can find a buyer who will come in and find a new use for this building.

Liz Swaine with the Downtown Development Authority tells KEEL News this will change the face of downtown Shreveport. You will be bringing hundreds of state workers to downtown every day and they will spark even more development in the heart of our city.

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