SHREVEPORT, LA – Shreveport leaders are getting serious about slum lords that are forcing residents to live in deplorable conditions.

What Is Shreveport Doing?

Mayor Tom Arceneaux has told his staff to make it a top priority to address blighted properties across the city.  The city is now going after landlords on criminal blight charges. The Mayor says some of these owners are repeat offenders who have ignored city requests to make improvements. KTBS reports In some cases the city has been unable to serve those out of state owners.

Does Mayor Have a Connection to Landlord?

The mayor has come under some heat from some members on the council who say he was the registered agent for one of these slum lords. But Arceneaux, who is an attorney says he resigned those duties several years ago.  Arceneaux makes it clear he was never the attorney for the landlord. The registered agent is someone who can accept legal documents on behalf of the business.

Councilmembers say some of these apartment complexes are in horrible conditions. KTBS reports one woman is suing the owners because she lost toes as a result of rats chewing on her feet. She lived at the Cooper Road Plaza Apartments.

Owners of several complexes have been cited for several property standards violations including lack of running water, rodents, mold, sewer troubles and crumbling floors and ceilings.

The owners will face criminal charges, but so far, the city has had no luck serving those citations to the owner. At least one of these owners owes the city more than $100,000 for water bills and repairs the city had to make at one complex. But a payment from the company bounced.

Who Is the City Going After?

One property owner is identified as Yacov Smouha of Amar Shreveport Holdings. He lists an address in New York City.  That company owns three apartment complexes in Shreveport -- Villa Norte on Fullerton Street, Forest Oaks on David Raines Road and Linwood Homes on Bernstein Avenue. All of these complexes have serious problems. Forest Oaks is set to be demolished. At least one section of Villa Norte will also be demolished.

Horrible Living Conditions in Shreveport

Residents Want Action Now





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