SHREVEPORT, LA - Louisiana has more than a $1 billion dollars in unclaimed cash from residents and businesses across the state. They are working to get that money back to its rightful owner.

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We did a deep dive to try to find out how many restaurants in the Shreveport area have some money in state coffers that they might want to claim. We found a long list.

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It's easy to claim this cash. You simply fill out the online form and provide the documentation requested and a check will be sent to you in the mail. It's usually pretty quick. I know I got a check with just a week or two of making a claim.

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You won't know the exact amount you are owed, but you will be able to get an idea if it's under $25 dollars or over $100 dollars. That's how the accounts are listed.
Once you make the claim and it's clear you are entitled to the cash, you will find out the exact amount and you will also learn what the money is from.

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Click here to go to the state link.

Some of the cash is from dormant bank accounts, old tax refunds that were returned, utility deposits or rent deposits that are owed. Some of the cash could also be from brokerage accounts that you have forgotten about. There are many ways the state takes over this money. State Treasurer John Fleming says he doesn't want to keep the money. He wants to get it out. Fleming does tell us this money is protected. It can not be siphoned off for use in the general fund.

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Of all the restaurants in the region owed money, we found several that have been closed for many years. But we also found many that are still open for business and they might be able to use a little infusion of cash these days. If you know the owners of any of these restaurants, please let them know they have some cash out there for the taking.

Restaurants in NW Louisiana With Unclaimed Money

If you know any current or former owners of these restaurants, they might want to do a little digging to claim this cash.


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