More bad news on the restaurant scene in Shreveport. A local spot has apparently shut the doors for good over the weekend.

The former location of Pizza Rev on Line Avenue turned into Line Avenue Pie and Brew. Pizza Rev closed in June of 2021. The new restaurant opened within a few weeks of the closing of Pizza Rev. Not only did the Line Avenue Pie and Brew serve great pizza, but they also got a great reputation for the wings they were serving.

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Now Line Avenue Pie and Brew has shut down for good. Sunday was the last day.

Restaurants have been struggling all across the nation for the past 3 years. They were shut down for quite some time during the height of the pandemic.

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Restaurants also had to switch gears during the health crisis to provide "to go" food when dining in was not allowed. The restaurant also had to make changes to provide social distancing once the dining rooms were back open. This resulted in fewer tables allowed which meant declining revenues for restaurants all across the region.

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Line Avenue Pie and Brew Co was also a hot spot for live entertainment, often hosting bands on the patio during after work hours. They also hosted a very popular trivia night that would attract lots of folks. And this special restaurant also hosted many fundraising events for several charity organizations in Shreveport.

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