SHREVEPORT, LA - The Shreveport City Council could take another look at the recent pay raise package that was approved by Council Chairman James Green. He signed the proposal back in June to give raises to several council staffers. But he did not have the authority to do that on his own. He rescinded his pay raise package just before a special council meeting was held to address the same issue.

Only four members of the council showed up at that special meeting. Green, Tabatha Taylor and Alan Jackson did not show up for the meeting. The panel voted 4-0 to rescind the pay raise. But they deadlocked on a measure to call for in independent investigation into this matter. Gary Brooks and Ursula Bowman voted against the investigation.


But now, the council has a measure on the agenda to call for a full investigation. This is on the agenda for today's work session and tomorrow's meeting:

"A resolution to launch a city council investigation as authorized by Section 4.29 of the City of Shreveport, Louisiana, charter, and to otherwise provide with respect thereto." It is sponsored by Jim Taliaferro and Grayson Boucher.

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