We hear so many complaints about police officers and the mistakes they reportedly make. But rarely do we hear stories about the many exceptional things our police officers do every day.

I spotted an incredible post on social media the other day about a Shreveport Police Sergeant who went way above and beyond the call of duty to help someone.

Rodney Pilcher posted this amazing story on Facebook about the moment he spotted an officer talking to a guy on the side of the road. It was pretty obvious the man was homeless and having a tough time facing day to day living.

Pilcher says he watched the officer get back in his patrol car and drive off. But that is not where this story ends. Pilcher was with his wife Jamie and they watched the officer turn into Raising Canes across Youree Drive. They thought he was possibly bringing food back to the homeless man. That's exactly what happened.

Via Facebook
Via Facebook


Pilcher posted this message:

So we drove across Youree to SAMs then back across Youree to Canes. I said he’s still there the police car I gotta ask. I drive up in front of Canes in front of police car and there he is getting in car with food. I roll my window down wave at him and say are you getting food for that guy sitting on the curve? He smiled and said how do you know that yes I am. I told him we watched it all and just amazed goodness and such love for the fellow human still exist. We thanked him talked a little. We thank God for people like him. Brought tears to my eyes.


Who is this amazing officer? He is Sergeant Mogavero. But everyone calls him Sgt Moe. Other folks in the area also spotted Sgt Moe delivering the food to this man was was obviously in need. They watched him gobble up the food Moe brought to him.

Thanks Moe and all of the other officers who do these kinds of things everyday without any spotlight.

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