Today, the movie world is celebrating "Green Book" winning best picture. As they should, its an AWESOME movie. But the movie means a lot more to Shreveport and its musical history.

6 songs from Shreveport's famous RAM Records were featured on Green Book's soundtrack including two songs from local legend Elgie Brown. Brown, a blues musician, played with dozens of famous artists and had several solo albums in the sixties and seventies.

While some of Brown's albums are a bit obscure and hard to find, several are available on Apple Music and Amazon.

Now, for those that are unfamiliar with RAM Records, you should get to know them. They were founded in Shreveport in 1955 and stayed here through out the 60's. Most of their albums were pressed by RCA. Eventually, the cost of doing business forced RAM to move to Nashville.

Outside of Elgie Brown, some of their top artists included Sonny Boy Williamson James Wilson, Margaret Lewis, The Lonesome Drifter, Rocky Robin and Linda Brannon.

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