Adrian Perkins issued this statement on his Facebook page:

On September 6, a student from the Harvard Law Record emailed me questioning the legitimacy of some of the names listed as supporters on a letter regarding Judge Kavanaugh. I emailed the student back and informed them that I did not authorize the use of my name in that document.

The article falsely states I “signed” the letter, however, my signature cannot be found anywhere on the document. Several of the other past presidents who are listed in that letter have also confirmed their names were listed without their consent.

In response, I emailed the Senate Judiciary and requested that my name be removed from the letter. I’ve attached a copy of that letter along with the email the Harvard Law Record sent me and my response to them. Please note that the dates on the emails predate the article written by the local publication.

It has also come to my attention that the City Attorney, William Bradford, began sending this article containing false information to my potential supporters at 8:30am today, in an attempt to negatively impact my campaign. This should raise concerns as he is supposed to be the City’s Attorney and not the current Mayor’s political attorney.

I realize this is politics as usual, however, I will not be a part of these games. My focus is on the future of Shreveport and becoming your next leader.


Adrian Perkins, a candidate for Mayor in Shreveport, signed onto a letter in August to show his support for President Donald Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The letter was addressed and sent to US Senators Chuck Grassley and Diane Feinstein, the Chairman and Ranking Member, respectively, of the Judiciary Committee.

The letter was sent from Harvard Law's Black Law Student Association, and contained Perkins name, along with other members of the group. After the letter became public, the current members of Harvard Law's Black Law Student Association released a statement making it clear that most of those who signed the Kavanaugh letter are former members of the organization.

Since the letter was sent to the Senate, it has been used by conservatives to show Kavanaugh's diverse background, and "commitment to diversity".

Locally, the revelations of the letter have created both interest and division. On social media, some young Republicans and progressive voters have voiced concerns about Perkins judgement after the letter. While other self-proclaimed Republicans have posted messages of praise for Perkins' decision to support President Trump. It's unclear now whether or not the public support for the President's pick will help or hurt Perkins in the November General Election.

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