A mandatory spay and neuter ordinance just went into effect in Caddo Parish and now leaders in Shreveport are proposing a similar measure.

The parish ordinance is not enforceable inside the city, but this ordinance will change that.


Caddo Parish Animal Control handles issues in the city and the parish and asked for this measure as a way to monitor and study the effect of mandatory sterilization of dogs and cats before making it a permanent part of the Code of Ordinances. Right now, the parish ordinance is set to expire June 30, 2024. But if leaders find it does help reduce the number of stray animals, it will likely be made permanent.

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The proposed city ordinance also expires on that same date.

The experts say dogs and cats are heavily overpopulated in the City of Shreveport with nearly 5 thousand animals in Caddo Parish Animal Services custody each year. About  20% - 30% of animals are euthanized by Caddo Parish Animal Services staff or die while in Caddo Parish Animal Services custody.

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What Animals Will Be Exempt from this Ordinance?

Puppies 52 weeks or younger and kittens 26 weeks or younger.

Any dog or cat which is registered with the American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, American Dog Breeding Association, Continental Kennel Club, Cat Fanciers Association, American Cat Fanciers Association or other nationally or internationally recognized organization and participates in shows sponsored by these organizations. An animal owner who presents proof of registration and participation in shows is exempt from the neutering and spaying requirements of this section.

Animals with a chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition whose health will be seriously, permanently, and detrimentally affected if it is spayed or neutered as documented by a licensed Veterinarian.

Animal breeders would also be exempt if the owners have a breeding permit and the pet is microchipped

There is also an honest escape exception for any dog or cat intercepted by Caddo Parish Animal Control Officers if the pet is (a) collared and tagged with current rabies vaccination; or (b) microchipped with information identifying the owner of such dog and current rabies vaccination.

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