A Shreveport man has been arrested for stealing thousands of dollars from his new business partners. Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator says in December 2012, a New Orleans man invested $20,000 in Transporters Driver Outsource, a company formed by 32-year-old Jeremy Reed Byles of Shreveport. As soon as the money was deposited, Byles began making withdrawals from the company account.

Caddo Sheriff's Detective Doug Smith, who investigated the case, says Byles is accused of taking out three large cash advances from local casinos, making over 20 ATM withdrawals, writing three large checks to himself, and making electronic transfers to his personal account. Total amount embezzled from the company account...over $15,000.

Byles' business partners discovered the theft when they looked at the company account after learning Byles had been arrested in January for thefts from his former employer. He's been booked into Caddo Correctional Center on one theft charge. His bond is set at $15,000,