In fact, Shreveport was mentioned three times on this list.

Summer is here and it's time to have some fun! But do you ever find yourself trying to figure out what the fun actually looks like? You're ready, but your mind is drawing a blank on what to actually do during this season.

Don't worry! I found a list of Fifty Ideas for Summer Fun on Louisiana Travel. From big adventure to tasty treats, there is something for everyone on this list.

Why not get started right here in Shreveport? Three of the items on this list of 50 are right here in our backyard. The tourism website suggested the following...

1. Taking the kids to Sci-Port: Louisiana's Science Center
2. Indulge with a gourmet ice pop at Shreveport's Geauxsicles
3. See a show at the historic Strand Theatre in Shreveport

There are also dozens of other fun ideas that could easily become your summer bucket list. There are activities you can do with kids or things you can turn into dates just for you and your special someone. You may find things you didn't know about. I actually didn't know that Ruston is the home of the Louisiana Peach Festival and it's happening this weekend!

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