Well, imagine that... we're just 8 weeks away from mid-term elections, and oh... look... gas prices are coming down. Aren't things wonderful...  Okay... cynicism aside, I know we are all happy to see the price at the pump come down.

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After a summer that saw record high gas prices, it's good to see them coming back down out of the stratosphere, whatever the reason.  And, as one who drives a truck, I don't like to let my fuel level get below three-fourths of a tank before I pull in and top it back up.  I know I'm not saving any money particularly, but psychologically, paying $25-$35 at a time even though it's more often,  is easier for me to swallow, than $95- $120 at a time less frequently.

After leaving the radio station Thursday, I stopped to fill up at the Circle K on Pines Road, and found that gas had dropped to under $3 a gallon for regular unleaded.  So I got to wondering how it is across Shreveport Bossier.  And, sure enough, it seems to be coming down a bit.

So doing a little research, I've found the cheapest gas across Shreveport Bossier... you can thank me later.  Some places are still above $3 a gallon, in fact a lot, even up to $3.55, but if you look, you can find it below $3.

According to GasBuddy.com:

Raceway on Bert Kouns is $2.98
Super 1 Foods on Shreveport Barksdale Hwy- $2.98
Circle K on Bert Kouns is at $2.98
Murphy on Westport is $2.97
Walmart on Shed Road Bossier $2.97
Raceway on Mansfield Rd is $2.96
Circe K on Mansfield Rd is $2.96
Murphy USA on Mansfield Rd is $2.91
and the cheapest gas as of today is at Sam's Club on Youree Dr at $2.87

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