Just as the City of Shreveport is negotiating a deal to buy 18 new garbage trucks, one of the current trucks in service is now out of commission after a wreck in the South Highland neighborhood on Monday.

Where Did the Wreck Happen?

The wreck happened near the intersection of Forest and Gilbert. The driver of the truck is expected to survive but he is still being evaluated.

One resident on that street says she believes speeding might have been an issue in this wreck.

"This garbage man has been flying down our street. Today, it caught up with him. If you notice the stop sign behind him and the one right in front of him…you can imagine how fast he was going".

She added that she did not see the driver speeding on Monday just before this crash, but she has seen a garbage truck speeding down the street several times before this accident.

The garbage truck ran off the right side of the road and slammed into a tree. Damage to the truck is extensive and it will likely be out of service for a while. It might even be totaled.

Shreveport is in the process of buying 18 new garbage trucks to replace an aging fleet. Each new truck will cost at least $180,000 dollars for a total cost of $3.2 million. In the meantime, the city is spending $70,000 dollars a month to lease garbage trucks to keep up with collections in the city.

Many of the older trucks have been pulled from service because they continue to break down and can not complete their route without a problem.

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