The Shreveport Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board has released the results of the test scores of the 18 applicants wanting to be the city's next fire chief.

A score of 75% or higher is necessary to be eligible for consideration for the position.

1) Robert Taggert II Shreveport Fire Department 98

2) David Ebarb Shreveport Fire Department 96

2) Daniel McDonnell Shreveport Fire Department 96

4) Christopher Chadwick Shreveport Fire Department 95

5) Louis Johnson Former Shreveport Fire Department 94

6) John Hellmers Shreveport Fire Department 93

6) Jon Prator Shreveport Fire Department 93

6) Clarence Reese Shreveport Fire Department 93

9) Charles Pinkston IV Shreveport Fire Department 90

9) Timothy Williams Bastrop Fire Department 90

11) Brandon Lee Shreveport Fire Department 88

11) Joey Presley Shreveport Fire Department 88

13) Frederick Sanders Former Shreveport Fire Department 85

14) Lawrence Bunton Shreveport Fire Department 84

14) Mark Guastella Shreveport Fire Department 84

16) Amanda Thibodeaux Terrebone Fire District 83

17) Brian Watson Shreveport Fire Department 78

18) Roderick Casey Shreveport Fire Department 75

The candidates are vying to replace retiring Shreveport Fire Chief Scott Wolverton, who announced his plans in early September of last year. Wolverton was appointed to the job in 2015. He'd been a member of the SFD since 1993.

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