Picture this... You're making your morning commute to work on Youree Drive. The coffee has barely kicked in. And you spot an animal that is for-sure not native to Louisiana, much-less the United States. What do you do?!?

Well, Wednesday morning some Youree Drive commuters got that question answered for them! Folks were scrambling for their phones to get a picture when they saw a very large animal peeking out of the back of a truck.

The sight of the huge animal frightened some, and delighted others while they were trying to wrap their heads around what they were seeing... Thankfully some of the (hopefully) passengers of the vehicles were able to capture this rare sight on camera.

Love Shreveport Bossier
Love Shreveport Bossier

Rolling down the road in the back of a pickup truck down Youree Drive, towering over the roof, was a giraffe!

Well, at least the taxidermy-head of a giraffe. The pictures started spreading like wildfire on social media, with some folks thinking the animal was real and alive. Rest assured. You CAN NOT fit a whole giraffe in the back of your pickup!

With all the weather related misery Shreveport and surrounding areas have been going through, this bit of silliness brought a few smiles and some hilarious confusion to the community.

Thanks for bringing us some joy, guy-with-giraffe-head-in-his-truck! You get VIP access to Shreveport for the day!

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